How to Beat back fat


The bulge around you bra area is really not attractive- so why not do something about it?

Here is a guide on how you can motivate and tackle back fat to get toned and fit. 

  1. Hit that Treadmill


Before starting any serious fitness routines- it’s better to get up on your Cardio and get that heart pumping- in order to notice the difference you should be doing 60 minute Cardio sessions 5 times a week.

For more intensive fitness- interval training is the way for you to go. This includes pushing your body for periods of time and then taking a recovery break (This does not mean stopping- but taking a gentle jog or fast paced walk) to slow down your heart. As well as this method increasing your fitness it has the after burn affect- meaning that post work out your body can still burn those calories!

After that intensive workout have an extra 200 calories a day and some rest or even sleep to let your body fully recover for they next work out!

2.  Yoga, yoga, Yoga!


Not only does Yoga strengthen the core and Cardio muscles but can also help to tone up and shred that back fat. When starting any back fitness regimes its important to understand that you can not only tone up your back, but must also strengthen that core to have an even balance in muscle and skeleton structure.

Yoga is both healthy physically and mentally- It can help relieve stress after school or work to prepare you for your more physically challenging work outs.

3. It’s not all about exercise¬†


You have to eat right and supply your body with all the necessity it needs to grow and repair before an after work outs.

Choose healthier foods to eat- if you have a problem with junk food then start slowly by substituting a packet of crisps for a apple or a chocolate bar for a fruity breakfast bar-

there are many recipes out there to get started on. The main thing to remember is find things you like to eat- its not always salads and “rabbit food” that you do have to eat to loose weight.

4. Tone up them Muscles


Finding online circuits and workouts has never got easier- finding a gym routine or a do at home routine is easy.

Personalise them to suit what you want to achieve- make sure they are right for you first.

Add moves that will Define, sculpt and improve the posture of your back, shoulders and obliques to reveal what lies beneath that back fat.

5. Wear the right size bra.


It might simply be time to go and get a new bra fitted- leaving back bulges becomes uncomfortable and could do damage to your back muscle and tissues if you are not wearing the right sized bra.

Go and treat yourself to a girly frilly piece or a new sports bra to get on your way to becoming fitter, more toned and a healthier human being.

Feel free to roam around this blog for more fitness tips and updates

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