Tips to reduce lower body fat


Lower body fat is not only annoying but can reduce your confidence dramatically when it comes to summer and wearing bikinis- It forms between the organs, deep within the abdominal cavity, triggering chronic inflammation and increasing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. This makes it very hard to get rid of, but with some life style changing exercises and food diets you can have a bikini body in no time.

1. De-Stress 


Stress can cause an increase in cholesterol- which is a hormone that causes the body to store excess body fat in the lower core areas. With bad dieting and a poor exercise regime the cholesterol can cause heart problems and poor health. To keep the cholesterol levels stable and to begin to minimise the effects eat foods with low fats, starches and sugars- maybe swap that packet of crisps for a healthier option of a fruit or vegetable, little steps makes loosing body fat a lot more easier.

By choosing to do meditation or yoga once a day can relieve stress from work and school- doing this will decrease the chances of producing cholesterol meaning a healthier mind and body!

2. Get those legs pumping


Interval training consists of a high intensity activity for a period of time followed by a recovery stage (this does not mean stopping- but a gentle jog or fast paced walk) to lower your heart rate. This improves not just Cardio muscles but posture, and reduces body fat in all sectors of your body.

This training method is the most effective to reduce lower abdominal fat- as it has the after burn affect meaning that your body continues to burn calories after your intensive work out. Eat an extra 200 calories after your training work out- and don’t forget to rest and even have a nap too if you like. Resting is key when doing work outs as it lets your body fully recover for the next session.

3. Eating the right foods


Everyone knows that when you are trying to loose weight its not just the exercise you need but a balanced diet as well.

The first step in achieving a balanced diet is to reduce the calories that you are already eating but DO NOT starve yourself as this is not healthy for your body- it requires the food to recover and progress.

Avoid eating junk food and include High fiber foods in your diet to keep your metabolism high.

4. Keep Hydrated 


Taking on plenty of fluids during the day helps to speed up your metabolism and flushes out the bad toxins within your body. Water also keeps you fuller for longer meaning that you wont have to take as many stacks as you normally do- reducing the calorie intake.

Aim for 7 pints of water a day.

5. What ever you do don’t Skip meals


If you are looking to speed up your metabolism then skipping meals definitely ISN’T the way. By eating small portions regularly helps to speed up your metabolism and burn off those calories causing body fat. instead of eating 3 large meals opt to try eating 6 small ones through out the day, but eat slowly and don’t rush your food, enjoy the meals that you have prepared for yourself.

By doing this you are less likely to become hungry during the day causing you to snack on junk food.


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